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Posted on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

For three days at the end of August the JPEC and Center for Business Growth and Innovation Staff hosted the Cedar Falls High School Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) program strands for their beginning of the semester orientation. Once the school year begins, the business/communications/design strand will be hosted in the Business and Community Services Building on campus. The three day workshop emphasized:

"Self-awareness" - Increasing the awareness of each participant regarding their personality temperament and that of others in their strand.  

"Team Awareness" - Increasing the awareness of the value of a diverse team and the value of creative thinking.

"Client Awareness" - Increasing each participants awareness of their clients needs and keeping them involved throughout the process. 

Students Playing the Hulahoop challenege

The students warmed up their team building skills by playing the hulahoop challenge.

Student activity

There is no better way to get your brain warmed up than by putting together a large wooden puzzle with your classmates.

Marble Team work

Some of the students completed a marble challenge which included working together to hold the track in place.

CAP students

Here is the strand of students that will be working in the BCS building during this semester.