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Early Founders Program 2019 Student Entrepreneurs Continued

Posted on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Early Founders Program 2019 Continued

Our final two students participating in the first-ever UNI Early Founders Program are Denzel Washington and Spencer Walthall. These entrepreneurs were hand-picked because the JPEC staff saw potential in their preexisting business ventures and were confident that this opportunity would provide valuable experiences for these students.

Denzel Washington – DLW Muse

Composer Denzel Washington received his BA Degree in Music from Mercer University, and he recently graduated with his Masters in Music Composition at the University of Northern Iowa. His musical inspiration stems from composers such as Charles Ives, Johannes Brahms, and Igor Stravinsky. He was the winner of the 2019 UNI Composition contest, and he will have his piece, American Pastorale, premiered by the Northern Iowa Youth Orchestra in May of 2019.

Denzel’s business, DLWMuse, is the result of years of work and study. The business idea was manifested in 2016 when he realized his passion for music composition ran deeper than a hobby. Recently, Denzel was joined by his wife, Bethany Washington, in performing and writing music for clients. He’s extremely excited to work with her and do what they both love most: make music. Their compositions include music for saxophone, piano, clarinet, trombone, and various stringed instruments.


Spencer Walthall – Wallside Tea

Spencer Walthall, a junior, Global Marketing Major, is pursuing Wallside Tea this summer through the Early Founders Program. Wallside Tea stemmed from Spencer’s passion for loose leaf tea. His mission is to bring tea to the forefront for those who want a good cup. Through his online business, Spencer will have the opportunity to reach a vast amount of individuals who also share his love of loose leaf tea.

Letting his goals drive him, Spencer is determined to officially launch his business and have sales by the end of the summer. Fine tuning his business marketing strategy is also a task he’s looking to accomplish. He’s especially excited to get personalized help from the JPEC staff and hands-on experience to propel his business forward. In addition to achieving his goals, Spencer is also excited to be his own boss.