Venture Mentoring Service

Venture Mentoring Service

UNI JPEC along with the other four JPEC's around the state are collaborating to bring a mentoring service to the Cedar Valley and the State of Iowa. 

What is Venture Mentoring Service?

VMS connects growth oriented entrepreneurs and small businesses with a team of mentors to provide guidance and advice while building their company. 

Who is VMS for?

Companies that are generating revenue and that are working on scaling their business are the ideal applicant for the program. All entrepreneurs and small businesses are encouraged to apply and we will work with them to find the best support for their venture. 

How does VMS help?

The mentor teams can work the businesses on a wide variety of issues from customer acquisition strategy, sales and marketing, financial management, employee growth, and more!

How do I get involved?

If the VMS sounds like a program that can help your business or you want to be a mentor; please reach out to the UNI VMS team to learn more about the program. Email Bart Schmitz at to get started in the VMS program.