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Randy Pilkington

Executive Director - UNI Business & Community Services
Director - John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center

Randy Pilkington is the director of the JPEC. He also serves as the Executive Director of UNI’s Business and Community Services (BCS) division. BCS is the outreach and service division of the College of Business and consists of outreach programs that provide an integrated approach to meeting the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities throughout Iowa and beyond. He works with the Intellectual Property Officer to lead the technology transfer program at UNI and is actively involved in intellectual property development and licensing efforts. 

Pilkington currently serves as UNI’s deputy on the Iowa Business Council, the Iowa Innovation Council, and the Iowa Innovation Corporation. He previously served as a member of the Iowa Department of Economic Development Board, the 21st Century Workforce Council, and is past president of Professional Developers of Iowa.

Pilkington helped establish a community-based equity fund for Northeast Iowa, assisted with student entrepreneurship, and facilitated public and private funding for a student-based business incubator. Pilkington helped launch new business ventures, served on the board of a start-up bio-based lubricants company, and was involved with angel investment funds in the state of Iowa.