University of Northern Iowa

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"The JPEC gave me so many opportunities to develop skills, meet new people, and to challenge myself. Pitching at 1 Million Cups, testing my business in the Early Founders Program, attending EntreFest, and participating in OEI were unlike anything I could ever get in the classroom, but just half of the magic. The UNI Entrepreneurial Program is a community of like-minded, smart, motivated people who want nothing more than to help you learn as an entrepreneur and grow as a person. If I could give one tip to any college student, it would easily be to go find the JPEC and dive in. I can honestly say I’ve gained and retained more from the JPEC than anything else during my college career." -- Jessica Wise, Founder, White & Yellow T-Shirt Co

"It's weird to reflect on the decisions you made in college after you graduate. I never realized how life-changing some of them would be, and joining the JPEC was one of them. I can confidently say that if I wasn't involved in the JPEC programs, had the guidance from the staff, and took advantage of all the networking events I had access to, I would be in a completely different spot than I am today. Being involved in entrepreneurship, and the JPEC in general, was hands down the best and most life-changing decision I ever made."   --Wes Merrill, Founder, Digital Tilt

"I participated in an academic entrepreneurial trip to Taiwan, the OEI program, and took courses at the JPEC. The JPEC does an amazing job at offering opportunities for students to expand and grow beyond the classroom. The hands-on experiences were helpful to take what we learned in the classroom to real-life application. Also, the incredibly personable staff do a great job at making the learning process fun! My experiences through the JPEC helped me go on to start my own business after college."  --Jake Kopriva, Owner, Lake Time Boat Club

"Discovering the JPEC changed my entire college experience. The opportunity to work for another student business through the CIPCO internship program introduced me to the idea of student-entrepreneurship and it led to lifelong lessons and friends. I started to see entrepreneurship as a very realistic path for my future and continued to leverage the JPEC, its staff, and its programs as I started a business, sold a business, and navigated the start of my career in the company that acquired us."  --Therese (Kuster) Stevens, Director of Operations, BraceAbility