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YOU & I Care Launch

Posted on Friday, February 26th, 2021

A.J. Reding, Nathan Anderson, Xavier Washington, and Imani Reed met when participating in the SHIPHT Entrepreneurial Discovery Series at the University of Northern Iowa. Now known as the executive team for YOU & I Care, their mission was to create a project that would help the community. Wanting to make mental health help more accessible and cheaper, they came up with a unique idea that asks people to simply listen.

"We're allowing a space for people to be heard, to be expressed, and a positive environment for people to walk through challenges," said Reding. He serves as the co-operating officer for YOU & I Care.

The group decided to pitch their idea to counseling experts in Cedar Valley. They not only received a positive response but support from them if they decided to take off with the idea.

"Each one of those professionals said to the students, 'this is a need and our current system is not addressing what needs to be addressed,'" said mentor, Lindi Roelofse.

A.J. is a senior at the University of Northern Iowa and is heavily involved with the UNI John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center. He participated in our Early Founders Program, is in Entrepreneur's Club, and currently is a tenant in our RJ McElroy Student Business Incubator.

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